Sunday, June 27, 2010

More Super Funnies

When Super Spy pouts out her lower lip (see above picture) we call her "Winnie" since we think she looks like Winston Churchill. Paranoid Dad likes to move her mouth and make Winston Churchill quotes. "By air, by sea, or by land, we will defeat those Nazi gangsters!"

I think it's pretty funny when Super Spy hits herself and then looks at me all surprised like "whadya do that for???". (as a side not: "stop hitting yourself!" does not sound nearly as funny when you are saying it to a baby).

We took Paranoid Dad out to eat the Saturday before Father's Day. This, of course, involved nursing in public. I got out my nursing cover which screams, "GUESS WHAT I'M DOING UNDER HERE????" and Danger Boy asks, "Why are you covering up the baby like that?" (I very wisely bit back all wise cracks including, "because not everyone wants to see mama's ta ta's". Tired Mom was very proud of herself ;) "Because it's polite" I said.

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Dana Cheryl said...

I'm cracking up imagining the Winston Churchill impressions. Ya'll are so funny!!! :)