Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Bright Sunshiney Days

Some of my favorite pictures are of the kids when they are outside playing. The kids would go to the park everyday after school if I let them, but usually it is just 1-2 days a week even when it is really nice. Between Paranoid Dad teaching the kids martial arts once a week, Tired Mom teaching the kids swimming once a week, and going to see Granny once a week, we are pretty busy during the week as it is!

These pictures were taken a week ago because we were having a nice summery fall there for awhile ;)

I love how the kids can all play together and still enjoy the park in so many ways as well. Kid Catastrophe and Danger Boy are only about 5 lbs apart in weight right now so they are at a good age to do the seesaw type rides together.
I love the way sunshine reflects off the kid's hair, and how they smile when they run.
I love how Kid Catastrophe was much more willing to smile for the camera than Danger Boy.
I love how they ask me to push the merry go round, and still need me to push them on the swings.
I love how both older kids were fighting over who got to push Miss Mayhem on the baby swing.
I love watching Sorsha toddle around the park exploring every weird thing she can possibly find. She always tries to escape when she's outside which is funny since I can't leave the room without her crying when we are inside the house.And who can resist this ruffle bottom?

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