Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Super Fun Halloween!

Whew! Anyone else a little glad Halloween is over? We had so much fun, but we were so busy for three days. We had a small Halloween Parade go in front of our house Thursday, we did the church Trunk or Treat and chili supper Saturday, went Trick or Treating Sunday, and then went to the BIG Halloween Parade on Monday night.

Getting three kids dressed up four times was a chore in itself!

Danger Boy chose to be a dragon, and Kid Catastrophe chose to be Princess Rapunzel (after she got her hair cut short in Tangled).
Miss Mayhem was Darth Vader (and Tired Mom dressed like Princess Leia on Hoth, the ice planet to match her).
For trick or treating Sunday night, Danger Boy insisted Miss Mayhem be a dinosaur like him (he took off the dragon's wings to be dinosaur). Miss Mayhem kept trying to pull the hood off, so the Darth Vader costume went back on for the Halloween Parade. All in all, it was a crazy but fun time with the Super Kids!
Trick or Treating Sunday

The BIG Halloween Parade on Monday night with good friends!


Dana Cheryl said...

Awwwww! Total & complete cuteness!!

Dang that is a lot of costume changes in a really short amount of time. So why aren't we seeing pix of TM all dressed up, huh???

I think it's super cute that DB wanted MM to be dressed like him. Sounds like a big sacrifice to forego the wings. Btw, she is SO beautiful. I love, love, love bald babies. The are the CUTEST!

I wish that costume makers would design "cold weather" princess outfits. The material is so sheer and while that's not a problem in Arizona it's a big deal out here. You were so smart and put a matching turtle neck on KC but I've seen so many little girls in just the costumes alone and they look so cold. I just wanna wrap 'em up in big blankets til their noses aren't so red.

timpani76 said...

Well, Tired Mom did post some pics on facebook if you want to check them out!

I try really hard to focus on the kids on this blog. I'm pretty self absorbed, so I try not to stray that way on the kid's blog.

I was so glad that QQ consented to another layer (including pants!) under her princess dress. It got below 40 most nights we were out, so layers were a must!

Dana Cheryl said...

Girl, I don't think it takes away from your kids to post pictures showing you enjoying the time with them. Truly, I think your kids will look back on this blog when they're older and cherish those pictures of them with their parents the very most. Those kinds of pictures will be the ones they'll most want to share with their own children. This is such a precious family journal that you have here. It's beautiful to see parents enjoy their kids. It's inspiring! :)

Wow! Below 40 degrees already... Did we skip fall and move straight to winter?