Monday, November 14, 2011

Paranoid Dad & Kid Catastrophe's Much Belated Pumpkin Farm Trip

Earlier in October, Paranoid Dad dutifully switched out a day off on 10/31 to take a trip w/dear Kid Catastrophe to Rhodes Family Farm for the class field trip.

We were teamed up with S. A good sport and good pal for KC.

There was potato sack slide. (Potato sack optional.)

Sophisticated height determining apparatus.

Hay bales to climb on.

Water barrels made into a train.

101 uses for old farm equipment!

Pumps, troughs and plastic ducks!

There were animals!

"Don't feed the donkey!" we were told. Whatever you do, "Don't feed the donkey!"




Educational facts about pumpkins!

And of course: PUMPKINS!

Fun, fun for all!

Rhodes Family Farm with a Worden address, but I think that's just the closest zip code. Really fun, but you would never be found if you got on their bad side. ;)

Paranoid Dad signing off for another 6 mos.

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