Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bunny Rabbit Chased by Monsters

The kids were running from the front yard to the back yard yesterday, and when I followed them for a few minutes I figured out they were pretending to be bunny rabbits chased by monsters. Part of the "game" was also to sneak inside and get cookies to eat outside. I let them continue with said game only because they are extremely healthy cookies. So healthy that I wonder how I've gotten away with getting the kids to actually eat them (mwa ha ha ha ha ha!)

The bunny game was especially funny since our big orange tom cat Nutmeg (or Nutty) was running with them everywhere with his big fluffy tail poofing out behind him. Here's a pic of one of the weird places Nutty was sleeping the other day.


Karen said...

What kind of cookies?

timpani76 said...

Pumpkin oatmeal cookies, which I make mostly with splenda, and about 1/4 sugar. I also use whole grain flour instead of white flower.

Renae said...

Would you mind posting the recipe?

Funny cat pic, BTW!