Friday, October 23, 2009

Pumpkin Farm!!!

Danger Boy and I had a great time at the pumpkin farm for the third year in a row! Twice with his preschool, and now with his Kindergarten class. Here's a pic of Mrs. Norris (NOT the cat from Harry Potter) trying to get the class together for a group photo. She's so patient!

The corn box was a big hit!

It was so cold! 40 degrees with wind kind of cold, so we got hot chocolate and snuggled on the hay ride to stay warm.
There's a tower of hay with a slide and other "playground" type stuff in one area, so DB had fun over there too.
This calf was so gentle you could pet it and it licked his hand too. What a sweetie!

Here's and "action" shot of an aggressive goat knocking the goat food out of DB's hand. Maybe I should have asked for another cone for Vance? Ah, hindsight.
We were only able to stay for 2 hours because of the cold, but what fun!

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Renae said...

I love field trips!