Monday, October 26, 2009

Recent Funny Kid Stuff

Kid Catastrophe says to me today, "I want eat an apple, and watch Snow White (except she can't say the "s" so it's "no white"). I laughed since Snow White eats and poison apple in the movie and falls into a coma!

Danger Boy picked up a choice phrase at school (I guess). He said "Oh my G--" in the car the other day. I said "Don't say that! That makes Heavenly Father very angry when you say that!" I explained to him, the best I could why it was bad and he could say "omigosh" if he wanted but not "God". A few minutes later DB asks, "Is Heavenly Father still mad at me?" in this little sad voice.

I of course told him that HF was not mad as long as he did not do it again. It was so sweet!
The Amazing Bump gets bigger!

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Renae said...

That's cute about Vance!