Monday, October 19, 2009

Danger Boy Gets Sick

Danger Boy got sick on Friday and ran a fever that got up to 102.6 at one point. He's never gotten a fever that high. Scary stuff for Tired Mom! Everywhere he slept, our Super Cat Nutmeg would follow and lay on him. Even before I knew he was sick on Thursday night, I found Nutmeg in Vance's room laying next to him. Do cats sense sickness?

Here's some pics of strange places Nutmeg likes to hang out around the house.
Open dishwasher door

Vance's desk in the backroom (among other less animated animals)

Kid Catastrophe made a game of it by piling the stuffed animals on top of him. What a tolerant cat!

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Renae said...

Sorry you guys were sick! We've had some of that here too. I still totally envy you your cat!!!!!! Justice liked your Monster Mash video. Right now he's chanting "I wanna see it again, I wanna see it again!"