Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Adventure of the Halloween Treasure Hunt

The Halloween season started early this year with a party at John & Liz's House (Uncle John & Aunt Liz as known by Vance). After all the kids got to the party (all nieces and nephews or honorary nieces & nephews of John & Liz) there was a wonderful, scary, fun treasure hunt!

Liz gave them the first part of the map, and the first clues.

Vance has so much fun carrying around the only flashlight, and the only shovel, as the kids searched for clues and pieces of the treasure map.

They started out with only one little piece, and they found clues that led them to other pieces. John helps Lydia tape together some pieces.

They had to descend into a deep & scary gorge to get more clues and pieces of the treasure map.

And Jonni was barefoot!
They found the cursed skull!

Jonni took off towards the woods as they found more clues.

You can't see "her" very well, but they also had to consult with a witch to find more pieces of the map.

They had to go into some pretty scary wooded areas after they consulted with the witch.

The younger kids opted to stay and wait while the older kids consulted the ghost in the haunted house (or haunted garage)

The ghost led them straight to this grave which just happened to be in John & Liz's back yard.
Lydia started out digging.
While the little kids watched.

Uncle John took over to help the kids with digging up the treasure.

And, finally, the treasure was out!

Lydia got to open it once they were inside.
Then the kids went crazy!

And divyed up the candy and other treasure.

Sadly, the excitement of the treasure hunt made Renae go crazy.


lizS said...

this was a lot of fun to do for the kids! john and i are already plotting next year, mwahahahaaa!

Eyepoke said...

Hey, thanks for putting up the pics!!! Lurv em!

And tanks for coming!

Dana Cheryl said...

hey t, i didn't know ya'll had a blog! i can't believe how stinkin' big v has gotten. wow!

it looks like a great time. i simply must move closer! :)

timpani76 said...

I'm sorry Dana! I thought I told everyone about the kids blog on their blogs or by e-mail.