Thursday, October 2, 2008

Danger Boy's Kryptonite

Danger Boy has a fatal weakness, and it's name is.......GEOFFREY!!! Except in this case, it's separation from Geoffrey that causes weakness, not exposure to. The above picture is Vance getting ready for school with his giraffe. The picture of Geoffrey alone is very rare, and only happens because Vance can't take him to school.

He can't sleep without his giraffe, he takes him most places, and he even has to carry it, sorry HIM, when we walk to the bus stop every school day. He hands off Geoffrey as soon as we see the bus coming towards us, and then I get to walk home with a giraffe under my arm. This used to embarrass me, but I have now succumbed to the humor of the situation, and even get a kick out of any stares or chuckles from neighbors.

Anyone who does not understand has obviously never seen the unique love that can sprout up between a boy and his giraffe.
Besides, it's only a block, and it makes my little super hero so happy!


The Marinator said...

That's cute and funny. Nothing to be ashamed of, and I'm glad you figured that out. The neighbors obviously know what's going on and find it amusing themselves.

lizS said...

just ask renae about some of the things her kids have done at the bus stop. a giraffe is nothing.

Hoba Chi said...

There are precedents among other superheroes. Green Lantern had to recharge his ring. Birdman had to recharge via the sun. So, proximity to a giraffe is nothing strange. :)