Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Fairy Family- Fairy God Cousin, the Purple Fairy, The Fairy Dragon, & the Pink Fairy

We got dressed as the fairy family to go the Young Sever's Halloween Party. It was great fun, and I will chronicle the party & treasure hunt in the next blog post.

Even before the party, the kids were having great fun in their costumes, with their wands, and their various accessories.

The Pink Fairy kept trying to wind things in the tendrils of her wand. It was cute.

The Pink Fairy showed us the "grumpy fairy" side of her personality in this picture.

The fairy daddy looking cute with his cute daughter.

The Fairy Dragon was being camera shy in this photo.
This is a better shot of the Fairy Dragon (Faerie Dragon.) I thought he would get sick of his costume, but he kept it on until we got caught in a traffic nightmare on the way home from the party. Two and half hours in a car was not the way I would have chosen to end the evening.


lizS said...

oh man! you guys got stuck in a traffic jam? did you take 270, cause you know that's not the BEST way, especially if you don't want to get stuck in a traffic jam. (just kidding there, lol!) sorry you had such a horrid ride home! we certainly enjoyed your company here though!

Eyepoke said...

The dragon fairy doesn't look shy he looks slain.

Renae said...

We hit that same traffic. It was unreal! The entire highway literally shut-down and reverted to side roads. Did you ever find out what happened?

timpani76 said...

Erik just assumed it was such a big pile up accident that they had to shut down that section of highway to clean it up. I thought the kids were going to go crazy! And Vance got really hot in his dragon suit even with the windows rolled down. We ended up stopping at a gas station as soon as we pulled off to get drinks and some snacks for everyone.

My new curse word is: TRAFFIC!!!!

Eyepoke said...

there was an obama rally on saturday night. that's what caused all the traffic is what i heard.

Bruce said...

i think i heard there was an wrek invalving a motercycle and a semi. some one died. i bet it was the guy in the truck.

Dana Cheryl said...

Timpani I want to borrow your costume some day! Ya'll are so cute!!