Friday, October 17, 2008

Dangerous & Catastrophic Pajamas--Bedtime for Superheroes

My little super heroes are their cutest at night. So cute & cuddly in their pajamas, with pillows, and blankets. I like to snuggle them on the our big bed while we read books and say prayers. I cuddle Kid Catastrophe just a little longer since Paranoid Dad takes Danger Boy to bed first. She eats it up, and protests most nights when PD comes back for her turn to be taken to bed. I think I protest too, inside, because I want to snuggle her just a little longer every night! She seems to enjoy the snuggles more than DB, or I would try to hold onto him as well.
Random photo of Danger Boy actually asleep somewhere that is not his bed! One of his super powers being the ability to stay awake on almost any couch, chair, or soft surface, no matter how long his day has been!

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Renae said...

sweet! Snuggly kids are great.