Friday, October 3, 2008

The Son of a Gun Fairy

We were having a busy dinner the other night. Vance spilled his drink, and then Quisqueya spilled hers. I had to get up and clean up both of those spills. Then Vance gags on his pork steak, and throws up a little bit, Erik looked queasy about it so I got up to clean that up too. Then, Erik was about to sneeze, and I was closest to the box of Kleenex, so I had to get up to get that too.

I'm only about 1/4 of the way through my dinner at this point, and both kids are done and Erik is almost done. I started ranting "Between the spill fairies, the puke fairy, and now the snot fairy, (I said while pointing at Erik) I'm never gonna be able to eat my dinner!"

Then Vance says from the floor where he is playing with his cars, " And the Son of a Gun Fairy!"

I guess he said that because when something bad happens Erik always says "Son of a Gun!" pretty loudly.

Here is a random picture of Super Vance looking like he's contemplating flying.


lizS said...

oh how very many meals i spend this way! except that john is a speed eater, and so is usually done far ahead of anybody, but that doesn't usually mean he helps or anything. oooooh, no.

timpani76 said...

Erik is usually helpful, he was just having an off night ;)

The Marinator said...

Nights like this are the time to thank the Lord for microwaves! And then when the rest of the family is done eating, they should be thoroughly banished from your presence, so you can eat in peace. (The Snot Fairy/Son Of A Gun Fairy can watch them.)

timpani76 said...

I will escape upstairs (to our bedroom) with my plate of food if I get too grumpy. Nobody likes a grumpy mommy!

Kirra said...

Good words.