Saturday, October 4, 2008

Insight into the mind of Paranoid Dad

So today my son sees our neighbor's granddaughters come home. Being the ladies' man that he is, he goes over hoping to play. (I am doing reconnaissance in the guise of lawn mowing.) For a little bit, the Queen of Spain (code name) comes out and Vance watches her play with her yappy dog. Then she disappears. My son is standing there on the car port waiting for them to come out. I decide that he probably needs to wait somewhere safer. I talked him back into our yard, but he was pretty upset about it. I told him to play where he could see when they came out.
Eventually, they did. Vance runs over excitedly and they rush back inside!
Now, logically, I understand that sometimes kids don't want to play.
Illogically, I am put out that they were not appreciating my very attentive son.
Welcome to my world.


lizS said...

that's hilarious! well, there's no accounting for taste.

Renae said...

Yeah, I can understand. I wouldn't want to play with your spawn either. (Obviously kidding!!)

timpani76 said...

Girls can just be such snots!

The Marinator said...

I know the feeling. Whenever it seems that your child is being treated badly you want to hurt people. Just wait until adults do it! That happened to my son on the zoo field trip last year with his class. I wanted to rip the cold black hearts out of the evil mothers who snubbed my little boy with my bare hands! Fortunately, Daniel didn't seem to notice, so I didn't push the issue.