Thursday, October 16, 2008

And the cat came back!

I am not sure where that line is from, but it's appropriate.
Super patient kitty Nutmeg, aka "Laid back cat", was found today by Tired Mom. She keeps thinking home base is where she used to live. She was a little thinner, but has adapted right back in. I keep reminding her that she is an inside cat now and wants for nothing. I want to get a collar with a bell for her so we might have some warning before she tries to go native. (I really want to get one of those proximity collars to buzz her a bit 'til she learns.)
Vance and Quisqueya are both excited. I am pretty happy about it also. Slinkerton and Periwinkle are plotting her untimely demise. Well, Slinkerton is and she will use Periwinkle as an unwitting dupe. (Poor blond kitty.)


lizS said...

oh yay! i'm sure vance missed her. glad she came back!

Bruce said...

we had a dog once that we had to give away. he was driven several miles away to his new home, but about a month later he showed up at our house.