Friday, October 31, 2008

Kid Catastrophe Battles Shyness

Quisqueya is so shy that little old ladies and old men will talk to her and she will turn her head. If they persist, she will start crying. I try to tell her they won't hurt her (and even if they did I could break them over my knee!) but she still cries or hides. This usually happens when we are out alone. She's braver when she's with her brother, but still not near as friendly as Vance. Is this a phase, or will Crying Shyness be a weakness her whole life?


pie-seas79 said...

I have found that in my kids it tends to be a phase with most em'. Although Liam is extremely anti-social only in a rude, mean way. He just glares at everyone (and by everyone, I mean anyone that he doesn't know on a daily basis level) and refuses to speak. It's really odd.

timpani76 said...

Colista- LOL! My youngest nephew does the glaring thing too. It's pretty funny because he seems to do it when guys are checking out his mom (my older sister)!