Thursday, October 23, 2008

Danger Boy Birthdays - Tired Mom Fishing for Ideas

Danger Boy turns FIVE next month, and I am doing a Diego theme for his birthday. So far, I am making Panda Bear cupcakes (I got the recipe from a magazine, and it looks pretty easy), but that's about it. I'm looking for more ideas for: food, decoration, and possibly presents (though we got his main present already). Here's what his past birthdays have looked like to give you an idea of what I can do:

2nd Birthday, I made a basic castle cake with blue balloons and streamers, and a starry blue table runner and blue table cloth to go under the cake.

3rd Birthday was a Clifford theme. I made the cardboard Clifford on the chair, and bought red balloons, red streamers, and some Clifford napkins, plates, & party hats. I also splurged on this one and bought a Clifford Cake (not really worth it, in my opinion). We also got him Clifford books.

4th Birthday was a Curious George theme with yellow cake iced cake with little yellow marshmallows (again homemade), with CG plates, cups, & napkins. I also cut out bananas shapes into yellow tissue paper and draped them around the room. I think the tablecloth was just a basic balloon design and I got yellow streamers & balloons.


Beth said...

Love the castle! What a talented Mom!

timpani76 said...

Hi Beth! Welcome to the blog! Any ideas for me for the Diego birthday party? Anyone? Anyone?

Eyepoke said...

not a crafty girl, sorry timpani! hey, i'm thinking about bringing you some green beans. got any time this week that would work?