Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Danger Boy Doomed to Break Hearts

I'm going to ask Vance when he's older what he wants to be when he grows up, and he'll just look at me with a meaningful look and then say

"Mom, it's pretty obvious that I'm going to marry some gorgeous rich girl and be able to sponge off her for the rest of my life!"

And will I be able to disagree with him????? NOOOOOO!!!!

Ok, and this last picture was just funny to me because it looks like Renae is a vampire carrying her tiny vampire baby with her ;)


Eyepoke said...


looks like something from the last Twilight book! ( the Renae pic)

timpani76 said...

Was that John or Liz?

lizS said...

that was john. not liz. can't you tell the difference?! (just kidding)

Renae said...

A very cute little boy, yes. Do human eyes glow in the dark like animals? Or is it just the flash's reflection? Do animal's eye's really glow in the dark? Or is that just reflection too? Hmm, I feel kind of stupid that I don't know.

The Marinator said...

Awww, I love all those gorgeous curls! You're right - when he marries some rich girl, it will totally be because he's so beautiful he deserves it! ;)

Renae - when Daniel was a baby, every once-in-a-while if the light hit his eyes right they would glow. I don't know, but it may have been because I sold his soul to Satan when he was born for a goldfish I named Lou. Lou died about a month later...stupid Satan! Always tricking people! But I digress...the fluid in your eye is red, and the camera flash is so bright that the light bounces off your retina, and is caught on film. So yes, you can actually see a person's eyes glow without the camera flash (that's what eye doctors are doing when they shine that bright light in your eyes), but the light has to be right and so does the position of the person looking.

Karen (Barnard) Jacobs said...

Timpani, I can't believe how much Vance looks like you and Danielle!!! Crazy! Your kiddos are so cute!